About us

We specialize in the design and construction of eco-friendly, handcrafted Log cabins and other log buildings. Our practice involves construction of Log Homes,  Summer houses, Garden houses ,Extensions, Offices, Stables, Workshops, Gyms, Gazebos, Garden furniture, log stairs, to name a few… Also we perform an Log cabin  designing 3D, independent expert appraisal of construction, examination of quality of construction, technical supervision of construction, the development and analysis of estimates, as well as restoration and renovation of the log cabins. We offer our log cabins on the entire territory of Latvia and also other European countries.

News - SS-BŪVE developed and patented log mount

SS-BŪVE doesn`t sleep on laurels, we continually evolve and our experience allows us to invest in a better solution to the quest, therefore, we`re proud to announce that we’ve developed and patented better log mount. Patent No. D15557.


The works are performed based on your, our or individual design, taking into account all what our client may desire. We build log houses using ​dried pine beams. We offer only exclusive and everlasting log buildings, all hand-made, with Norway, Russian or Canadian corners of the house. We strive to combine traditional building methods with modern technologies.


During construction of log building, only bark is removed from the log, not damaging its protective layer, then logs dried to 18-24% moisture content, and processed with preservatives against fungus and insects. We use logs from 20 to 40 cm in diameter. Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality, healthy and eco-friendly housing solutions. Complete customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

Why we

  1. We have over 20 years of experience in the wooden house construction.
  2. We are registered in the building merchant registry of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia.
  3. We give a longer than usual guarantee. If after 5 years you come across with any house structural problems we will come to fix it absolutely free.
  4. Our price quotes are stable and never go up during the construction period. If, for whatever reason, something was missed or forgotten about during the cost estimation it is always the problem of the builder and clients never have to pay for such mistakes.
  5. We have very competitive prices and that is all due to the fact that we are a fairly small company with low overhead costs.
  6. Our log buildings are produced by hands, using ancient methods. They are warm and long-lasting. Such log houses have been built for centuries and to this day we can see them almost everywhere in the world.
  7. There are not many companies in Latvia who offer handcrafted log houses made with dry logs. The moisture content of our logs is under 25%. This makes the house settle two times faster and without any issues so you can move into your house immediately after all construction works are finished.
  8. Before we start building our projects, we develop it in 3D graphics editor. This helps the customer to see the house before its construction, and, if necessary, make changes, and help us to avoid technical errors in the construction process.

International experience