What diameter of beams is sufficient for Log cabin dwelling-houses , for Latvian or North European conditions ?
The beams of 18 – 22 cm in diameter are usually used for small log cabin or bath-houses. Guesthouses and dwelling-houses use 20 – 30 cm beams.

What kind of foundation is required for log buildings ?
A log building may be rested also on pillars, if those are positioned as required, though the advisable, of course, is a band-shaped foundation with thickness of approximately 250 – 300 mm.

Is the timber you use from Latvia ?
Yes, 100 % of all timber is from Latvia.

What is it best to treat the log building walls with ?
Paints of different gammas are offered in Latvian stores at present, which are natural and breathing enough, and maintain the timber structure. But, of course, it is advisable to use natural linseed oil or a special purpose wax. There are no problems with decay if construction technology and usage of log building (ventilation) is correct.

What kind of wood are you using for construction ?
We use softwood for log walls and wooden frameworks. This is usually pine or spruce.

What do I need to know when using a log building ?
When using a log building made of beams which have not been specially dried, you need to consider the fact that log building “sags” (see next question), meaning that you must avoid placing furniture or affixing interior elements to the walls vertically within rooms, which will disturb “sagging” of walls. It may be done only in case the “sagging” parameters are obeyed. It is very important for log buildings, especially wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bath-house) to ensure sufficient ventilation, which is one of the main prerequisites to secure long life of the building.

For how much do the log walls “sag” shrink?
When using non-dried beams, the log walls “sag” for approximately 4 – 6 %, i.e. 4 – 6 cm per 1 meter. The log walls continue to slightly react to heating season and atmospheric changes for long years after construction.


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